Hi, I'm Josie

I have always had a deep love for true connection between humans. Photography is nothing if not personal. Learning your story is the foundation of all the magic in this artistic process. I love meeting new people, connecting, relating, and learning. I will never know everything I want to in this lifetime, see the many things I want to see, and be all the things I want to be. But I can create art. And that is more than enough.

As your artist, we will have all sorts of space to discuss your vision, your intentions, your truth. No matter your chapter of life or experience in front of a camera, it would be my joy to help you remember your messy moments.

When it comes to getting to know someone, there are two paths we can take: the surface-level details (small talk) and the captivating intricacies that truly define a person. Peruse the sections below to get a look into the heart of what truly drives me—the aspirations, passions, values, and mantras that shape my soul.

A little about me

"Vulnerability is the essence of connection and connection is the essence of existence." 

leo christopher

Learn about my Philosophy and what inspired me to become a photographer. 

My philosophy for my business is to approach each project with fresh eyes. Every story, every couple, every family is unique. I am here to learn your story and document it accordingly. I am a storyteller far more than I am a picture taker. Its one thing to take a picture with smiles and a pretty sunset. Its another to craft an artistic frame that speaks true to your history. 

I only ask that you meet me halfway. Tell your story with open arms, let me into a little piece of your lives, let me see your love for one another. Engaging in the experience with open arms is the first part of the magic. 

My Philosophy

What is more inspiring than nature and everyday life? I love the untamed beauty of the outdoors and the beautiful simplicity of our everyday lives. Washing my dishes at night under the low light above the kitchen sink. My lover sitting at the counter telling me stories and jokes to keep me company. That most mundane moment that feels so beautiful in my mind. A messy kitchen, a beautiful person in our beautiful messy house, and laughter. 

Life and nature are imperfect so why should our photos be some dystopia that isn't real? Lets take this ordinary and make it more. 

My Inspirations

"I need solitude. 
I need space.
I need air.
i need the empty fields round me;
and my legs
pounding along roads;
and sleep;
and animal existence."

virginia woolf

My job behind the lens is something that sounds so simple and yet is so crucial and integral to the story. My job is to notice.

Notice the little smiles, quick glances, hugs, laughter. I will of course get the big first kiss but I will also capture the small forehead kiss at dinner, or the big laughter from your mom during the MOH speech. I am there to notice all these things that make your day yours. Its a big responsibility and one that I do not take lightly. I am there for you. 

Behind the Lens

Within me reside a multitude of dreams, each a unique facet of my aspirations. I envision myself as a poet, a painter, a gardener, an author, a mother, an avid photographer, a baker, a traveler, and so much more. 

When I am not getting creative, you can find me doing house projects, spending time with my sweet puppy, Suki, cuddling up with my cat, Calvin, going to farmers markets, mom & pop shops, and learning everything there is to learn about homesteading. 

I have a dream of reaching a high level of sustainability at home. I want a large garden, chickens, and 2 cows. Don't tell Jacob, but I think goats would be fun too :) 

My Life

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On My (Artist) Mind

A photographer, a painter, a writer, an artist down to the core. Here is what I am creating outside of photo work.

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