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There is just something so special about seeing kids be themselves. Laughing with scrunched noses, being moody with their head in their hands, giving a kiss to their baby sibling, doing the chores, running wild. I could go on and on. As a Minnesota Family Photographer, these are the things I love capturing during your family session. I am here to take these fleeting moments and preserve them for a lifetime. The last thing I want to do is put your family in a box, tell you to say cheese, and move onto the next pose. I want to tell your story authentically to you. I want to get to know the personalities in front of me and highlight them. Let’s get into how I photograph families.

My Photography Style

My photography style is best described as a blend of lightly directed posing and artistic documentary styled imagery. What I mean by this is we put in a good amount of work before the session to set intention, vision, and style accordingly. But when we reach the session, I lightly direct you through while documenting what your family naturally does. I know that sounds concerning right away when you hear I document what you naturally do – don’t worry! It is never as awkward as your brain tells you it will be. This is because before the session we already have a good understanding of how the session will flow and I will be there to make it feel fun! So how do we do this?   

The Process – Phase 01

My family photo experience is organized in 3 phases to make booking, planning, and shooting as easy and clear as possible. Phase 01 is all about the logistics of booking the session – Once I receive your inquiry call and you have a chance to look through my comprehensive family photo guide, we will hop on a call to discuss early stage visions and goals for the session. I will tell you all about how I photograph my families to highlight their story and we will collaborate on finding a location that is special. We will then find a date that works well for the both of us and lock in that date with a session proposal containing the invoice, contract, and payment portal. It’s really easy to complete! 

Phase 02 + 03

Phase 02 is where the magic starts brewing. We gather all the necessary and high quality ingredients for our session to be everything we dream and more. There is a questionnaire for you, some mood boards, and a helping hand to guide us through all of the most intricate details of planning your family session. We will chat about your family, who everyone is, and what you all enjoy doing together, so I know who I am photographing. My goal is to highlight your true personalities from the quietest to the craziest in each unique way possible. I am dedicated to learning your story, planning a session that makes you feel seen/understood/heard, and capturing every moment. Which brings us to phase 03: the shoot! I have found that 90 minutes is the perfect amount of time for us to get together, get comfortable, and execute the session without any rush. I am there to hold your hand, hold space for your family, and capture the beauty within. The week after you get a handful of previews and your full gallery is delivered 3-5 weeks later!

How We Make Your Session Special

Your family is beautiful.

Your family is special.

Your family has something that no other family has.

Your family is instagrammable.

Your family has a story that deserves to be told

Your family deserves to be photographed as your unique selves 

Your family deserves to be photographed through an artistic and narrative lens. 

I mean every. single. word. Nothing is more beautiful than a family who loves each other. Through my process I get to know your family and all the things you love. I take this information along with your goals and aspirations for your photos and help you create a gallery that could only belong to you. I have heard phrases like “Our house is so boring, we aren’t unique, our life is a mess, and you probably won’t get any good photos of the wild kids.” And please let me tell you that every single client that you see on my website, Instagram, Facebook, etc. has said those exact same things. And I prove to them every time I deliver their gallery that the words I typed above are true. Trust me, have an open mind about our session, and I will show you the beauty of your family.

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